Yoga anyone?


I’m about to take my first yoga class ever. I’ve always considered it lazy exercise because you don’t break a sweat, but I suspect I’m about to learn a serious lesson!
What do you guys do for exercise?


What kind of yoga is it? I confess my yoga experience is limited to only a handful of sessions, but I’ve never tried Bikram yoga (that’s the one where you do it in a hot room).

Me: cycling, swimming, climbing—all activities that don’t require a fixed time, so I can go when I feel like it and/or when there’s a window of opportunity available!

Luke and I did a 200km bike ride for charity last year, which was fun as well as rewarding.


It’s actually called BodyBalance and is a hybrid of yoga, pilates and tai chi. I totally enjoyed it! It was intense and relaxing at the same time. Today I have slightly sore muscles, which is a good sign. I’m definitely going to include it in my weekly workout regime.


Hey everyone. I know this conversation is a bit old, but being a fitness freak, am tempted to respond.

I have been hitting the gym on & off, for about a decade now. I started after high school and was regular for quite sometime. Thanks for the super hectic corporate life, I had to motivate myself to go at least 3 days a week.

Now, the boredom that has set up with the gym regime needs some change. Hence, am moving towards things I love… a combination of yoga, dance, cardio and some selected floor exercises for the tone up. Amongst all, Yoga & Dance are my favourite :slight_smile: I could get up and dance in middle of my midnight beauty sleep at 3:00 AM, or 4:00 PM afternoon nap :blush:


I, like @tina_bajaj, am late to the party. Better late than never, right?

My wife was recently out of town for two months, and we have a vacation in Italy coming up soon as well. I wanted to be in as great of shape as possible, so I spent the last two working out and hitting the gym… probably too much. My regular routine while she was gone had me playing softball Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, lifting weights on Thursday and Saturday, and cardio on Wednesday. I’d also usually manage to get in a day of 10 rounds of batting practice in there somewhere, usually before my weight lifting on Thursday.

It was a great way to stay busy, but I wasn’t giving my body enough time to recover. I kinda got addicted to the endorphin By the time she came back, I was pushing through a pulled hamstring, tendinitis in my right shoulder and elbow, knees, and right foot, two jammed wrists, shin splints, and various bruises from getting nailed with softballs.

Now that she’s back, I’m going to come back a bit to sanity. Softball on Sunday and Monday, weight lifting and cardio on Thursday and Friday, and Wednesday and Saturdays recovering.


Hahaha, that’s nuts! My partner gives me grief for my ridiculous exercise program, but it pales in comparison to yours!

I do a kickboxing workout twice a week, weights twice a week, and some other cardio and/or yoga once a week. I also walk my kids to and from school each day. As I get older I always seem to have some niggling injury or other.

In another community that I run, we’re doing a daily check-in exercise schedule (we all work remotely from home) and it’s great fun, so added to my usual schedule I’m doing the Scientific 7 minute workout each day.


That is totally the key. I’ve been going to the gym every day for 20 years and people always tell me how ‘good’ I am. I’m not good – I’ve just found things that I love, so it’s actually the highlight of my day (and the only downtime I get).