Yay! We have some new people to welcome!



Hey there,

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. It’s a bit longer than the last one, but there are some real interesting people here. Please welcome these folks!

@ux_dungeon is an IT engineer and comes to us from Singapore where he works at an IT company. He keeps himself updated about the latest trends in the UX industry by meetups, workshops, and conferences happening in and around the city which. He finds that is a great way to grow his network as a UX designer.

@Flax found us by following a link from UX Beginner where we were listed among one of the top 10 UX communities and groups. (Yay!) He’s about to start his final year of school at an art and design college. Currently, he’s finishing up a couple of internships. The first was at a design agency and his current one is at a software company. At the moment, he’s trying to decide whether to focus on being a UX researcher or UX designer.

@daisey is a digital nomad and says she is currently floating around SE Asia. She spent several years in software design and is starting to dive into the UX side of things. She feels like her career is following a natural progression. She travels a lot, and really enjoys it, but sometimes she feels isolated from her peers and so she joined us.

@thomas_zs_sabo is new to UX and is especially interested in research. He’s finished some courses on LinkedIn Learning and feels like he is on his way, in large part because UX prefessionals in general are so awesome. He has a great story about his first UX project where he used Design Thinking and UX Research methods. It was a school project with his daughter. They built a model of a stone age house and won a Super Stone Age House award. I love it!

@katelyn_greller is at the beginning of her UX journey and came here so that she could commiserate with other UXers and further her job search. She’s open to anything but would be happiest with something entry level in New York. She also wants to see if she can get clarification on what UX actually is because the description seems to change from one job posting to the next. (Hence the need for commiseration!)

@katyagdesign came here because she’s interested in both UX and UI. She’s looking for general guidance and mentorship. She’s joined our fantastic Slack channels already. Right now, she’s here to make new friends in the industry, learn, possibly somehow get a mentor and develop her portfolio so that she can apply for her dream job as a UX/UI designer.

@brianamite runs a digital agency and UX is a big part of what they do. Their current UX offering has been made up of aspects of UX (persona testing & wireframes) and has not followed a formal UX process. He’s hoping to formulate a process based on effective UX techniques and, as a result, upgrade his UX ability. He familiar with the essentials of UX and has used some UX principles in his projects but isn’t satisfied. He is here to expand his knowledge for himself and his business so that they can produce world class results!

@social04 considers herself a design evangelist who wants to help people make fewer mistakes, learn how to make better designs, and jumpstart careers, for those that need it. She says that, “To err is human, to forgive is design.” She says that designers have a responsibility to design products, services and interaction in a way so that users make least mistakes while using them.


Amazing! Welcome everyone. Such a great mix of backgrounds and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you around this place. Please let us know how we can help you.