Yay! New people!



It’s awesome! We have new people to welcome to the fold. Please say hi!

@rohanesian is currently a graphic designer and hopes to make a shift into UX soon. He’s still in the early stages of the transition to UX. He came to UXMastery looking to further his knowledge, get information from experts in the industry a, and to network with folks.

@ewebxml isn’t a UXer per se but feels that UX is important to understand. One thing he mentioned to me was that, “the interface does not have to be beautiful and it should provide ease of use to the user… As long as we are human, the “how it looks” aspect will influence how we use an application or physical device.”

@danaguer hails from Philippines. As far as I am aware, she is our youngest member. She’s just getting started in UX. She came to UXMastery to look for motivation and the right tools and links to get started with.

@ari_rahmati came to UXMastery to get some feedback and insight from fellow UXers. He normally works on large projects as the only UX designer, so it is hard to bounce off ideas and get mentoring. Currently he’s one year into “real” UX stuff. He believes that UX is pretty much common sense, but now he’s taking the opportunity to get into the nitty gritty psychological stuff.


You forgot me @Piper_Wilson :frowning:


Thank you very much @Piper_Wilson for the warm welcome and greetings!


haha wow that sounds worse than I meant it to :slight_smile: Thanks for the intro!



Hello newcomers, great to have you on board!

I love that attitude @ewebxml – let us know how we can help you learn.


Thanks @Piper_Wilson for the warm welcome!
Looking forward to being part of the community here and on Slack. Have just enrolled to study too, happy days :slight_smile: