Yay! More people to welcome!



Hi folks! I’ve got another round of people for y’all to say hi to. Isn’t it great that it hasn’t taken a long time to put a new thread together?

@bondibc is a mid-level UX designer. He’s coming from a creative design background, (Advertising & Marketing: graphic design, multimedia, experiential). He’s mostly self-taught, but he’s been working in UX for the last two years. He’s here to improve his research skills, interface design, writing, and get insights on good practices on the UX process from more experienced UX designers.

@rowansociales has been around design and graphic design for a while now. She also has experience in web development but haven’t yet focused on UX yet. That’s part of the reason she’s here. She’s also been participating in the sketching challenge since she’s been here and she’s doing great!

@bweatherly comes to us from Spokane, Washington in the US. He’s been running the user centric design group at an OEM manufacturing company for going on a year now. He says his role is a bit non-traditional for UX/UCD as his focus is both from the mechanical side (making sure their machines are built to be easy to use for the operator), and software/UI side for their touch screens on each machine. His background is in technology adoption and business process improvement consulting.

@emily is in the middle of her UX journey. She was originally thrown into UX when a company she was working for was doing a complete revamp of an entire website to make it responsive! She reports that it was an incredible experience! (yay!) Eventually, she decided that working for herself was the way to go. She wants to keep working in UX as a content strategist. Which is part of the reason why she’s here! She’s also here for camaraderie and to be able to ask other folks questions.

@emilycheung0124 came to us recently and also started posting sketches right away! She’s researching boot camps and wondering if those are the way to go. She’s hesitant because she doesn’t think there’s much of a market in Hong Kong for UX. She says she wants to work on her portfolio but is a bit worried because she doesn’t have a background in UI.

@d_artoumian is here because he’s wanting to know more about the process of UX from start to end. This includes all the available methods folks can use in the different phases of the process. By doing that, he learned a lot and gained new insights. He believes that all this (including being here) will help his career and that he can hopefully help others along the way.


Wow, such an awesome scope of experience in this group. Welcome to all of you.

How are you finding this community so far? Is there anything we can help you with?


Thanks Piper! I so love that there is a real human in all of this.

Any word on the stickers?


Shhh! Don’t tell my children. They’re convinced I’m evil incarnate. :wink:


Thanks,Piper! Anyone would have any suggestions on self learning UX? :slight_smile:


For sure!

I’d investigate the IDF courses, they are excellent. There are also lots of good ones on Udemy.



@emilycheung0124 Welcome! I started a course on Udemy called “User Experience (UX): The Ultimate Guide to Usability and UX” by David Travis. I believe it’s highly recommend by this site and I definitely agree. It’s about $200 right now (I managed to grab it for $50) so if that’s too steep (totally understand as I’m a penny pincher!) be sure to add it to your list of resources and check back and snag it when it’s on sale. It’s been extremely helpful for me so far.

I’d also recommend the ebook on this site “Get Started in UX”. I’m about to sign up for IDF as it’s $13 a month and looks to have A LOT of solid courses.


Thanks @Piper_Wilson and everyone else for the welcome!
It’s been great to be in this community I’m having fun with the sketching challenge, and something to clarify I’m a “He” hahaha.
Wish you a great weekend to all!


I am so sorry!


no worries :grinning:


Oh!Sean, Thanks for your info :slight_smile: may people recommened IDF! I will have a look of that before paying $200 for that material :slight_smile: but of coz!if it’s useful, I wouldn’t mind to pay at all ! Hope everything goes well with you . Cheers