Would you mind taking/sharing my interview screener?



For my final project at General Assembly, I’m redesigning a website that creates social change in businesses by having consumers pledge to spend money at the business only if the business makes the change. An example would be people pledging to spend a certain amount at Target only if Target agrees to reduce food waste by selling ugly fruits and vegetables.

I’m currently looking for potential users to interview. If you could take a minute to complete this screener and/or share it with others, I’d really appreciate it.


Edit: I’ve finished all my interviews. Thanks to everyone who responded to the screener!


Done :slight_smile:


Done as well!

One thing to note-- you ask users to check all websites they’ve visited, but that question isn’t worded to be relevant to the social change aspect of the quiz. Given that you provide an “Other” checkbox with a field input to enter in another site, you could end up getting some snarky responses there.


Thanks for the feedback! How would you have phrased it differently? I ask because we included Kickstarter, which has a similar format to our site, but it’s not specifically about social change.




I would have changed the question to read: