Would love to get some Feedback - Hypnotherapy website

I would love to get some feedback on one of my newest websites.

The website is made for a hypnotherapist that has her therapy at the coast (hence the wave theme).
I would really like to get better at the UX side of things so any feedback in this field would be much appreciated (together with any other feedback).

Curious to learn how I can improve the website.

Thanks a lot!


Do you have a prototype? I think you’d get more feedback if we can see an interactive version.

Hey, yes I have: http://enoughbacktome.com/

The main CTA needs to be more prominent - don’t go for an outline-only main CTA.

When I hover over the appointment options, it provides me with duplicated content. Go for a simple outline or drop shadow when hovering

The 3 options in the centre of the homepage, create hover and clickable states for these.

The experience section is nice - good job

I dont think the hover button (back to top) provides much value, as the page isn’t too lengthly

“Enough! Back To Me” and " “Hypnotherapy is the key to a relaxed world” titles. Read up about visual hierarchy and check your bold states

This looks great. Just to add to the above comment it’s important to make buttons look like buttons. While your buttons look really nice and are a bit different I’ve experienced users struggling with buttons like these when tested. I would also have consistent button style throughout rather than go for two different styles. This reduces the amount the user has to think about where to click/tap.