Would love some portfolio feedback!



Hey community! I love that this group is here.
I have been working hard on building a UX portfolio that showcases what I do, and (hopefully) does that it a memorable way. I would truly appreciate any candid feedback I can get from anyone here. Thank you so much!


That makes it all worthwhile.

First impression - wow! Go you! This really appeals to me. I love how much your personality shines through and I love that you’ve done something outside of the box. This definitely gets my attention.

All my feedback is all minor things.

  • I find the jumping around behaviour of the FAQ section a bit disconcerting. It doesn’t function as most concertinas do.
  • I’m not sure about the visual effect caused by the justification of the text wrapping around your image on the About Gregor page. It’s a bit gappy and uncomfortable to read.
  • The presentation of your case studies is beautiful and the processes are really well documented.
  • I love the visuals on your process/skills page.

In fact, I’m such a fan that I’d be keen to use this in an upcoming article that I’m writing about great UX portfolios. I want to feature some from the community. Would you be comfortable with that?


Wow… Thank you SO much for that feedback (and compliment)!
And yes, absolutely, feel free to use this in your article. I would be honored!

Thanks again, Hawk!