Would love feedback on wireframes for a project


I am working on a project to create an application for a charity to post messages from their donors on the blockchain. It is a user interface that allows them to enter the information about the person who is donating money, and to approve the request. I would love some feedback on my wireframes. Thank you!


I dont see any glaring issues. What was the actual “Use case”? Did you ascertain the requirements for the UI via face to face or via email?

Is this being passed straight on to a web developer or is it part of large project and going to a business analyst?

With forms, you are 9.9/10 imo best to keep it simple which is what you have done.

What SDLC are you working in, is this a chop shop, ie you work out the UX and UI and pass it on to the Web Developer, not following a formal SDLC?

Is there anything that concerns you? Are you lacking confidence in the aesthetics or something?


What is SDLC?


Software Development Life Cycle


When you fill that form out and click the buttons what do you think happens afterward?

Well if its a local front end it will be handled by a scri[pting language, but its clearly not, it has to use a database in which case the form will be compiled into and SQL, SQl+ or an MSQL script to fill the data base or in this case its both a query and a submission SQL script to a Database.