Would appreciate feedback on my portfolio (newbie in the midst of a job hunt)



I have just begun job hunting after finishing v1 of my portfolio: www.darianies.com

I would really appreciate some feedback on it while I navigate the job search.

If you have time to look over just one case study, the ImmiGuide project is my primary one, as in it’s the one I’m most likely to present to interviewers, etc.

Let me know if you’d like me to give you feedback on anything in return, I have a lot of experience in content writing & editing.

Thanks all!


Hi. Welcome to the community and thank you for posting!

I think your portfolio is amazing. I do have some suggestions or observations.

  • HMW - Although I could figure out what it meant when I read the example questions, I recommend spelling it out in the first line on each of the pages. Like this

    I used the “How Might We” (HMW) method…

  • Many of the graphics appear fuzzy to me, even when I opened them up. Maybe I need new glasses?

  • There’s an awful lot of white space. Don’t get me wrong, the look is clean, but after a while, my eyes got tired. Maybe a light colored or gray background would help?

With regard to your resume, I think it looks great. I have a couple of concerns about the bullet points, but I’m not sure how to fix them, or if it even needs fixing. First, I’ve heard that many large corporations use scanning software to screen their applicants. My understanding is that bullet points can throw the software for a loop. Second, the bullets don’t line up with the first line of the entry. I think it would look better if it did.

I think you’ve documented your thought processes and workflow fantastically well. I can’t emphasize that enough.

Again, thanks for posting. I enjoyed this.


These are some very valid points. I got an email response from a recruiter saying my resume downloaded improperly, so you make a good point. I’ll try to change it to a simpler format. Would hate to be left out by the parsers.

And I do tend to overkill on the white space… some variety would definitely help.

Going to make these updates now - thanks a lot for the thorough review, Piper! :slight_smile:


This is gorgeous!


Hey Daria,
Love it! I like the personal touch on your about page, esp the pronunciation assistance.

Your portfolio is excellent. Your case studies are well documented, you explain your process and you use a good balance of imagery and text.

I also really like your choice of projects.

I can’t really fault this!