Would a Contextual Inquiry Be Helpful Here?

Hi everyone! I’m looking for some advice on applying a contextual inquiry in this case. I have a client who would like to create an application that connects many types of at home service providers (think handyman, electrician etc.) with customers in need. However I’m having trouble imagining in what context this research tool would be helpful. Ideally it would be interviewing someone in the midst of a household issue, but this happens infrequently and these users are going to fix these problems immediately.

Would a contextual interview still be helpful without one of these issues prevalent? Contextual interviews are so well renowned and widely used for early research phases, I feel like I’m missing something in the application of this tool.

Welcome back to the community @christopherwgodowski!

I am a little unclear what you mean by research tool in this case. Yes, contextual inquiry would be very beneficial here. You would need to do a screener to find the right people.

The service you are talking about sounds like Thumbtack. https://www.thumbtack.com/