World IA Day

Matt, Luke and I will be celebrating World IA Day in Wellington this year. [URL=“”]Matt is speaking.

Natalie Eustace will be there too, and I know that Ash is speaking at an event in Canberra.

Is anyone else attending a World IA Day event? If you do, make sure you take photos and post them here!

Here are mine from the event in Canberra Australia at PwC!

Yay, it was so great to celebrate World IA Day in Wellington with @Lukcha, @HAWK, @Natalie_Eustace and nearly 300 other people.

Oh, and it was my birthday too, so it turned out to be a memorable one. @HAWK has some photos I believe …

Here are ours from WIAD Wellington, where we met @Natalie_Eustace ! [ATTACH=CONFIG]n5424[/ATTACH]

I have no idea why vB won’t let me upload the other one, which is smaller than the one above, so here it is.

I had a fantastic time, especially meeting @HAWK, @mattymcg and @Lukcha :).
Matt’s talk was very good, and I do have to say, for my first conference, I was blown away!

Attached is my picture, bit fuzzy as it was from further away. And it didn’t work so I’m just going to put a link to the URL, cause otherwise it was tiny ><.

It was great to meet you in person, Natalie! Thanks for making time to hang out with us for dinner afterwards. I enjoyed hangin out, and also hearing more about your Masters topic!