World IA Day



Is anyone going to a World IA Day event?
I’m going to the Wellington event run by Optimal Workshop. Can’t wait!


No, I didn’t even know they were doing anything, but that sounds really cool! And if it is only 1 day… I may see if I can pop up for that one too :). Thanks for posting it Hawk!!


No I’m not either, but I wish I could go to the Optimal Workshop one! :slight_smile: Those guys are the best!


OK I have news! Not only am I now going to a World IA Day event, I’ve been asked to give a presentation at one! :slight_smile: It just happened today out of the blue and I’m so excited!


Unfortunately Hawk the spaces were all filled up by the time I applied, but I got put on the waiting list. Not sure if they will have anyone pull out, so at this stage it doesn’t look like I can go :frowning:


That’s cool Ash. Which event?


I’ve said I’ll volunteer at the Optimal Workshop one so have got in, yaaay :). So looks like I will be able to say hi Hawk.