Workshops with a Client

Hi All,

I’d like to get some help and guidance on how to run the workshops with my Client.

I mean, I have some plan in my mind but I’d like to get some advice too.

I have conducted two rounds od interviews (around 12 people), I prepared competitve analysis. I think I have enouhg information to build upon it.

How would you conduct this workshop with the Client? What kind of techniques could we do?

I was thinking about Business Model Canvas, Jobs to be Done, empathy mapping and a Design Studio.

Hey Mag! Joe has some great advice here which might help: Design workshop

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Thanks Hawk, I have read the article.

Meanwhile, I came up with a plan for the workshop. Would you mind telling me what you think about it? Do these methods make sense together? This is supposed to be spread across two days.

  1. Intro and getting to know each other
  2. Draw up a group contract
  3. Presenting agenda
  4. Discussion: why are we trying to solve the problem? What is the problem? The outcome should be a clearly defined goal of the workshop and questions we’re trying to find answers to.
  5. Warm-up - paper clip method to get everyone inspired
  6. Lightning talks
  7. How might we’s
  8. Empathy map
  9. Value Proposition Canvas
  10. Ad-lib Value Proposition
  11. Design Studio (Crazy 8’s)
  12. Eisenhower Matrix
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Looks like a solid agenda to me. The only other things that might be useful are a quick recap at the start of day 2, and some kind of closing off summary/exercise.

Hi, thanks a lot!
What would you suggest for the summary?

Upvoting this one.
It seems the agenda is great, very structured, so maybe it’s nice to just add up some moment of a quick round table talk where people can express their thoughts in a general way. And then, running the recap at the start of day 2 - with their help - would be a nice strategy to understanding from their perspective what were the highlights and what you need to dig deeper.

Good luck!!

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