Wordpress Good OR Bad?


Honestly, I did my portfolio site with WordPress. Heck, I do most of my projects with WP these days, despite having the tech knowledge to do what I want from scratch or other libraries.

It may be a bit lazy, but it’s great to get a project up-and-running quickly. With a little bit of CSS elbow grease and some PHP knowledge, you can do just about anything you want with it.


I didn’t mean that using WordPress is lazy, I meant that sites that look like WordPress sites were lazy.


Eh, it feels kinda lazy.

I could do everything from scratch. Maybe I even should do it that way. But right now, I’m not at point where that’s possible for my personal projects.


Not sure why you would though. I think efficiency and knowing what to prioritise are important skills. Great tools exist. We should use them and focus our time on building new great tools.