Wording for a UX opt-in

We are asking our signed in users what their roles are and whether they’d like to participate in UX research. It has been a day and unfortunately out of 19 successfully filled in questionnaires only three have said yes to doing more research.

Do you think that is a reasonable yes rate? Am I expecting too much?
Do you think I could rephrase the question better to get a higher response?

I would love to be able to A/B test this but it’s not going to happen. I may be able to slide a single text change in though.

The question is:
“I would like to help make R*** better by taking part in research about how I use Radar.”


Maybe manage expectations around what the research looks like?

“I would like to help make Radar better but answering another quick survey/taking a 15 minute call/doing some usability testing”… whatever.

I tend to say no if it’s open ended because I don’t know what I’m committing to.


Thanks @Hawk, we’re not sure yet, some of it will be in-person contextual studies and some may be phone calls or emails. I can give some examples to make it look less like they’re signing up for spam.

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I’m hoping to do the same thing at the end of testing I’m doing as well, so this is good feedback.

Can you offer an incentive? Things such as in-person contextual studies are quite a big investment for people, it’s got to be worth their while otherwise most wont bother? For bigger investments, offer bigger rewards maybe?

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You’ve probably moved on but I’ll offer my thoughts. If you go with offering an incentive, I would word it as:

Get a $20 Visa gift card by taking part in research about how you use Radar.

I guess it is dependent on what kind of incentive you can afford and how involved the research is. Also, if Radar is already on the market, I think you could consider something like a percentage discount off their next purchase. However, Radar might not work that way.

Underneath that, you can have an opt-in button (as well as one that says something like, “No, thanks.”) that says:

Yes, please email me more information.

I think people also may be turned off about not knowing what their information will be used for. I know that is the case for me. I think you might want to reassure users what the research will be used for. I think that if you aren’t sharing their information with other companies etc. that that should be prominent. Perhaps something like:

Get a $20 Visa gift card by taking part in research about how you use Radar. Read about how we use what we learn here.

I hope this helps.

ETA: I would also think about adding an explanation about what you do with email addresses. It might not be relevant though if you already have that information.

ETAA: Sorry this is my thinking from someone who is learning copywriting and is not a UX designer. I should have put that disclaimer at the start.