Wireframing a template type: how to include all components?


I’m creating a set of wireframes for a client and have a philosophical issue: When creating template types (e.g. “home page,” “form page,” “child page”) how closely is it necessary to match a specific design vs. showing the client all the types of components?

To explain: I have a page type called “Generic Detail” which may or may not use an accordion component. Should I include that in the wireframe and say it’s an optional component, or should I create a secondary template called “Generic Detail w/Accordian?”

I appreciate your feedback/opinions.


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Hmmm… have you considered separating the generic templates from the components? Especially if your project calls for components to be used across multiple templates, that might not be a bad idea, particularly at the high-fidelity resolution stage of mockup presentations. It helps take focus away from components and more onto the macro design of the page, which is usually more important to nail down.


hi @jeff_doubek
@dougcollins already provided some great points.

I’d like to add another couple of them:
1 - which tool do u use for providing WFs?
2 - do u collect the WFs in a clickable prototype?


It sounds like you are trying to combine wireframes with a pattern library. I would do both separately if the job is big/complex enough to warrant it.

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Great feedback from everyone. Thank you!

@dougcollins I think that might be too extensive… this is more of a rough sketch wireframe

@dopamino 1- I’m using Axure; 2 - Not a full prototype, but I do activate some features for key examples

@rachelreveley I don’t know pattern libraries… can you elaborate if you don’t mind. BTW… the job isn’t big/complex.


I would suggest you Google it as there are lots of very good online examples.


1 - I don’t use it so much, anyway you could create a collection of widgets and components to use on demand for all the projects
2 - cool, I think is the right starting point to showcase your vision/decision

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I researched pattern libraries – we’ve used these for larger site builds (I erroneously called component libraries) but I think it’s too much for my current client to comprehend. I appreciate your recommendations.


IMO as @rachelreveley building a UI collection, pattern library or widget and components showcase is a design task.
It will help you to be more consistent overall your projects and it can boost your productivity it does not matter the size of the project or the customer sensitiveness