Windows alternative to Sketch?


Windows users, what is a good alternative to Sketch?
I have a Twitter follower asking. He doesn’t have the specs to run Windows on his Mac.


Illustrator and Photoshop comes to mind Sarah

Also UXPin seems to be both a wireframing tool AND the prototyping side but I’ve heard very mixed reports on its usabillity and stability and so opted to stay away from it

Maybe Axure or Azure (I always get the spelling wrong)?


In my experience with Windows I was happy with this setup:

  • lo-fi wireframes: balsamiq
  • hi-fi wireframes: illustrator and fireworks (unfortunately it’s not available anymore)
  • lo-fi mockups: Snagit
  • hi-fi mockups: illustrator
  • prototypes: Axure and code (dreamweaver is a good option here)

within the new Adobe Suite there are some nice features to build up collections and deliverables for style guides.
I never used PS for designing web apps, I can’t see any advantage using a raster tool for web and native.


Axure works well for wireframing… We also used adobe xd to preview designs on devices (similar to sketch sync to marvel) and i believe you can now make full art board in Adobe cc now


Adobe XD


Sorry there isn’t an alternative to Sketch, not as far as I’m concerned.
XD is the closest, but that’s still beta. I really like it so far though.
Fireworks maybe but it lacks the simplicity of Sketch.
I’ve been looking for a Windows alternative too, but no luck so far.


The is Sketch for Windows called Lunacy - works with all versions of sketch files. But it is still a beta.
Lunacy is free, so you can give it a try.


XD was in beta but not anymore.


Adobe XD for windows users easily, also figma is good but still prefer XD.


Wow! thanks. I didn’t know it… I’ll give it a chance