Will Card Sorting determine top level categories




I’m hoping for some advice/feedback. I recently had a client pushback on a sitemap, saying they felt some secondary pages deserved top-level positioning as opposed to being grouped into a main category. I chose that particular main category based on a strategy I formed during our discovery process, but I can see the client’s side as well.

Is there a process that will help me gain insight into top-level categories? I’m assuming that card sorting already has these in place, but I could be wrong. Please give me your thoughts… I’d appreciate your expertise.



hi @jeff_doubek

IMO you are fully right.
I believe that the card-sorting is the best exercise/tool to find a compromise with your client.
I often run workshops with them using such tool to make them aware of the complexity level and to highlight, business-wise, what are the most important task to be accomplished.
This makes easier for them to join the other steps of the design process, they will have more background and will be more in sync with your deliverables