Why UX Mastery website sometimes load, sometimes load blank?


Hi. As I’ve said, I’m new here in the community. I’ve already said my hello in the water cooler btw.

But as I’ve signed up on this vibrant community I finally get to discovered, the website’s performance has always been clunky. I’m no a technical person, as we’ve already known most of us are UX designers, some maybe could code HTML, CSS. But I do not. But I know how to check a website’s performance in the Developer Tools. When I’m going to the forums, it’s a game of Russian Roulette whether if the website’s gonna load or load blank. It’s ridiculous. Someone’s administering this website could be here in the community, so here’s what I see in the console:

You see there’s a lot of errors and resources that either refuse to load or return an error. As for my understanding, most of the time, the website’s whole resources doesn’t complete loading. I whitelisted this site in my Adblocking extension, so I’m pretty certain it’s not that. I’m also using the best browser and the latest version of it: Google Chrome so I presume no worries about that either.

And also, I noticed this forum’s platform is engineered to behave smoothly like a web app, without that rough page by page transition of regular web, when you jump or navigate back and around, it shows a loader not a rough page loading. It could be the cache. I’m a multitasker, and since I’m new here, I tend to research and browse through threads and threads, and open them to new tab. I’m a new tab person. And again it’s Russian Roulette on that new tabs. Some of them loads succesfully, some are blank. When you reload that blank page under the same tab, it will not load whatever you do, you could duplicate tab but it’s also Russian Roulette. I don’t know if some also experience this but I do, and it’s annoying as hell. It also mostly happen when you open community.uxmastery.com in new tab or new session. It mostly happen in the homepage, but that’s only my observations. But when you just stayed on that tab that successfully loads, and you navigate through the forums, threads, open settings. It’s all right. It’s just the new tabs of this page

I hope you investigate this and fix this ASAP


But why aren’t other Chrome users having your problem? I don’t have it and I would bet on it being something interfering at your end.

I"d try clearing browser caches and temporary files. Then disable Chrome extensions one by one.


Hi @iamiansteven – thanks for the feedback. It’s actually the first time I’ve heard of the issue and I can’t repro it. We’ve been on this platform for a few years now without issue so as @Remah points out, it’s likely to be local to your machine.

If anyone else is experiencing this, please let me know!


I really don’t know actually, that’s why I reported it. Yea I did tried disabling my extentions, matter of fact I just use two, even cleared the cache, and the problem still mostly persist. But I’m able to get pass again and now I’m replying to you guys. It just it’s so annoying and I can’t go to the forums when I want to most of the time. Hope you can investigate this and fix this immediately. Thanks and sorry for the bother


Google Chrome user here across multiple devices- it’s running just fine for me and always has.