Why avoid Hamburger Menus?



I read some articles regarding avoid Hamburger Menus from their respective apps with respect to large size devices. As many of them pointing that due to the use of single finger action. According to these articles, then we have to remove “back navigation” button and “search” buttons from the action bar. Is it good for the users? How to solve this kind of issues?


There are a number of arguments against using hamburger menus. However, I write here about the one made the most sense to me.
Hamburger menus “hide” the different features/areas of an app behind a tap. This used to trip me initially with the old YouTube app. I’ve gone into settings instead of my profile. The app now has tabbed navigation. They put all areas of the app right in the front so you spend less time trying to discover things.

The back, search and other action buttons however, are direct. You tap the button and the action happens. Whereas the hamburger menu is like a door to discover other doors.


Like @enlightened_06 said, if navigation elements are hidden behind a hamburger menu, many users won’t bother to spend the time looking for them. The growing trend is to use a bottom navigation bar that puts the most needed pages/actions front and center. Google has even added it to their Material design guidelines.

However, just because you add bottom navigation, doesn’t mean you need to remove existing navigational elements. Take these examples from Luke Wroblewski at Google:

Notice that even though bottom navigation was added, each app still has top navigation, which still includes a hamburger menu among other things.

Exactly what navigation elements you include and where you put them is going to depend on the needs and goals of your users. I’d suggest looking at other apps that have added bottom navigation to get ideas for different possible solutions. Google has been adding it to all of their apps. Facebook added it a while ago. Spotify just added it. I’m sure there are many others.


We had a recent discussion about hamburgers. From memory @dean dug out some interesting articles that referenced the subject.

Edit: here is the discussion that I referred to above.


Thanks for your reply guys. Yeah, got your points. But if we have more than 10 menu items then how we can accommodate menu items into tab navigation or bottom navigation? But Gmail is still using hamburger menu.


Lots of people still do. This platform does! I personally have no issue with them, although the arguments posed so far have validity.


As @chrisoliver pointed out, both can be used together too.
If there are too many options, it would make sense to use both.
You could move the most used/preferred options to a tabbed menu, and the remaining in a hamburger.


Yeah, I agreed as per @enlightened_06 mentioned. That’s a cool idea. I’m also thinking the same. According to the product expectation, we need to smart to keep the user attraction to full till the needs either tab or through hamburger. Thanks a lot guys.