Who would be keen on a new sketch challenge of some type?


Wow! This was great. Any chance of continuing this again?

Considering my worse sketching skills, I feel this is a great way to improve it.


The Official 100 Day Sketching Challenge, Part 3

Hey there! People dropped off pretty quickly as they got busy, but all the challenge info exists in the OP so you could certainly start it by yourself.

Or are you hoping for a team thing to keep you motivated? I’d certainly be very into kicking off a new challenge in a different format, if you have ideas?

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Yes, certainly a team thing would be a great thing to start with. I haven’t come across any challenges related to UX sketching apart from the one which was already started here before. It would be great if you could help in getting in a new challenge with a different format.

Apart from the sketching challenge I also happened to come across a 100 days design challenge https://100days.design/index.php/100-days-product-design/ which according to me would be of great help in learning and improving our UX methods and skills.
Will something like this be possible to start here, maybe in the near future?

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We learned from the last one that 100 days isn’t feasible. We started losing people at about the 3 week mark, so I’d be keen to scale things WAY down. I’m going to split this out into a new topic so we can see what other interest there is from the community.