Who wants to do a course review?


We’re interested in finding a couple of people to review some short UX courses.
Check out the links below and if you’re interested (and like to write), email me for more details.
hawk at uxmastery.com

https://uxclub.com/courses/ux-for-small-businesses 'UX for Small Business’
https://uxclub.com/courses/user-story-mapping-part-2 'User Story Mapping: Part 2’
https://uxclub.com/courses/what-is-ux-design ‘What is UX Design?’


Hey @Hawk I’m happy to do any of them… although I haven’t worked for a small business so I don’t know if I’d be a good person to do that one, but let me know… and I love to write!!


Thanks @inca431 – I’ll email.


@Hawk are you still looking for reviewers?


Yes! You keen?


Yes, sure


Great, I’ll email.

Great to see you again, BTW, it’s been ages. What brings you back around our way?


@HAWK I’d be happy to do the small business one if no one else has claimed it yet.



I have a little more time to hang out now. :slight_smile: In mid-Feb, I finished the UI Design Course from Careerfoundry so before that I was pretty busy.


Glad to hear it and welcome back. :slight_smile:

How was the course?


I really liked it. I’ve done several of their courses now. I’m a big Careerfoundry fan.
Disclaimer: I am a tutor there :), but still a fan.


@laura will be pleased to hear that :slight_smile:


:tada: Glad to hear it! @tara_lee_york @HAWK

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