Who to follow on YouTube for ux and design info?


Hi there!

For over a few years I’ve been starting to follow some YouTube channels related to UX and design. I think it’s a wonderful place to gather information so I’m creating an excel list of channels that are accessible to everybody. This is something I can’t do on my own.

My question is:

Which YouTube channels that you currently are you following related to UX or design? Entrepreneurial with the focus on ux/design is also welcome.

Drop it below here and I will add it to the list, or add it yourself https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x9DfpXhWp2_6u-Mfx4rIKAui5L73eSngAMEgtKo9fS8/edit?usp=sharing

I hope this is something useful for everybody. If you don’t use YouTube to gather the information I would really like to know why this is the case? Have you considered doing it? Isn’t the content what you expect? I’m curious!


Personally none but keen to see if there’s anything good.


These are the YouTube links that I have bookmarked:

Every now and again I’ll search for UX, there are some interesting TED talks.
I also use it for tutorials, I have recently worked on an Alexa Skill and the Amazon Alexa guide was very useful:


Not strictly UX, but for anyone using sketch, these folks are great on YouTube.


These are nice once indeed! I will add them to the list, thanks a lot!

I’ve also been following him for a couple of years now (not activly watching his vids though, will pick them up again!).

Thanks for all the input!


this is dope!
thanks for sharing :slight_smile: