Who likes my posts & automatic response information


Hi, I just wantet to mention two issues I miss technically in this forum. I’d like some features in this forum which would help me to use it in a more flexible way. - information who likes my posts - email information about post responses - opportunity to follow a specific member of the community Best regards Georg


Hi Georg,
All of those things currently exist, you just need to know where to find them.

When someone likes one of your posts, you’ll get a red notification box up the top of the page, which will take you to your Notifications page. You can also click on the number of likes and a drop down will display the individuals. For instance, I can see that Ashlea liked your post above.

You can set up email notifications for post responses (and a number of other things) in your Notification settings here

To follow someone, click on their avatar and select the Subscribe button on their profile screen here

I think that answers all your questions. Let me know if not.


I seem to have the same problem as Georg, the notifications I get at the top of the page for likes just say 1 person liked this post, and I can’t see who liked my posts by clicking on the like bubble.


That’s interesting. I obviously need to do some testing as a normal user. I’ll get back to you.


And… fixed! You should now be able to click on the bubble and see who likes your posts. :slight_smile:


Thanks for liking my post Natalie :wink:


As an aside, we’re aware that this forum software is less than ideal. Hawk has a lot of experience in managing communities, so we did do research when evaluating available software before we launched this community, and vBulletin was the pick of a bad bunch.

That said, some of the bugs that are beyond our control (like the occasional time-out, which I get sometimes) and weird page rendering issues where the comment box doesn’t appear (but does when you reload the page) are unacceptable long-term, and we don’t have a high level of confidence that the vBulletin can be relied upon to fix these issues in future releases.

For that reason, we will, at some point, be switching forum software. It’s a while off, and we’ll give you plenty of warning. But whatever small issues we encounter during the migration will hopefully be offset by the benefits of having a more reliable, more customisable forum that is better integrated with the rest of uxmastery.com. The plan is for that to happen before the end of the year.

In the mean time, we appreciate your patience! :slight_smile: