Who has a Christmas tree?


Post a photo…


Since I’m waiting to visit family to enjoy the twinkle of Christmas Tree Lights, my friend and I built a Christmas Tree in a game called Factorio. Does that count?


I’m a Scrooge. No Christmas trees here.


We bought a Christmas tree last year with silver glitter built in on it… it fell everywhere!! I swear up to last month I was still finding random silver glitter in my house :confused: I’m NOT taking that tree out ever again! haha!!


hahaha love it.

My kids went through a stage a couple of years back when every invitation to every party came in an envelope that was also full of glitter. I feel your pain.



Well, I’ve been waiting for more trees on this thread. With the lack of other posts, I’ll just have to admire yours @HAWK
I like all the little red bows and whatever those pronged white things are (what are those?) It’s a pleasant tree.

My family’s tree has always been chaotic with collected, yet mismatched, ornaments that we’ve collected over our lifetimes. My siblings and I used to get a new ornament or two every year while we were at home, so I have my own box of diverse tree hangings to put up when I get home to them this weekend.


Tiny birds.




Funniest thing is that my cat keeps jumping up and catching them and then getting really pissed when they have nothing in them.


A rejected UXmas photo.


Now I have one. I’m with my nieces and they have a tree.


I don’t know why it posted sideways. The important part of the picture is the tardis.


Merry Christmas to all. I’m a bit late, but like to share what my dad made. He is more interested in designing and arranging cribs. And every year he comes up with different concepts and ideas. This year he said it will be minimal because he don’t have time. and this is what he made.

He also won multiple awards for designing cribs. Let me check for the award winning photo on our album. if I get I will definitely post it.

Merry Christmas And New Year Wishes!

My Family


My wife is a minimalist DIYer so that’s what we’ve got at the apartment :slight_smile:


Both of those pictures are great! You’re obviously fortunate to be surrounded by such creativity.

What are the sticks that make up the “tree”?


Love the TARDIS :slight_smile:


I really am :slight_smile:

Funnily enough, the sticks are from Ikea, not this exact product but from the same line I guess: https://www.ikea.com.tr/en/catalog/home-decoration/vases-and-artificial-flowers/artificial-flowers/50234209/saltig-decoration-stick.aspx


We had a baby gate to try and prevent pilfering :wink:

It worked… passing well?


I love the gate. I know my parents wish that they’d had one. Apparently, I was a terror.