Whitespace viewport dependency (should CTAs be visible or not)



We’ve read few Q&A on this topic, also done the research but most of the articles says what whitespace is, not how to calculate it.

When designing for smaller screens, should the whitespace shrink accordingly so all the CTAs stay always visible in the viewport or should there be an element which gives the user purpose for scrolling and then finding the CTA?

Checked few whitespace examples, like:

Apple, Emark.com, Kissmetrics.com/product, Amazon.com Etsy.com

and they all seem to not care about it.


Ha. Interesting question. I’m not sure that there’s a hard and fast rule.

I’d tend to say that the whitespace should scale accordingly so that the CTAs are always visible or if they’re not – add a signifier so that people know whether to scroll.

Others might have more informed opinions.


What Hawk said makes sense to me.