Which UX (or related) blogs do you follow?


Wow… that’s an awesome list you have up here… I share most of my favorites with you, Medium, UX Matters, UX Mag, NN group, Webcredible, WebDesignerDepot, UX for the Masses, and UXPlanet.


My recommendations apart from the ones already mentioned:
zipBoard blog
UX Booth


Hi Hawk,

Thanks for the list, a few on there I have to check out.
I tend to follow some startup blogs also, not strictly UX or design related, but very interesting to see developments.





This is a great thread. I’m glad it was resurrected.

Which ones of these are best suited for beginners. I’m still in way beginner status and I want to be able to converse intelligently with y’all.



Hello every1, I will add my Master Joel Marsh website where I start learning ux psychology from scratch. I love the style he writes in aaaand he also shares many valuable outsources too: http://thehipperelement.com/post/87574750438/ux-crash-course-user-psychology


Lots of great suggestions above! I also like following:
UIE Brainsparks-Jared Spool
Excellent behavioral science blog Jason Hreha
Mobile and excellent form experience insights LukeW