Which UX (or related) blogs do you follow?


I’m always on the lookout for interesting articles to share via our Twitter feed.

I currently trawl the usual suspects:
NN Group
Boxes and Arrows
Usability Geek
UX Pin
UX Magazine
UX for the Masses

I also like:
Indi Young
Usability Counts
Simply Accessible

What blogs do you read?


I mostly read articles I get on my email subscriptions.
I’ve subscribed to these:
UX Design Weekly
InVision Blog

Other than that, I check Medium mostly too. There’s one publication there thats really good : UXPlanet

PS: Thanks for the links, there are many I didn’t know :slight_smile:


There are some really good ones there! I’m slightly obsessed with Medium at the moment.


I have a few million more but ran out of time to list them. I’ll come back to it but I’d love to hear from others too.


A few that haven’t been mentioned yet:

A List Apart
The Hipper Element
Fast Company Design
User Testing

UX Booth

Also, Colman Walsh periodically posts some good finds in the UXTraining Facebook group.


I follow a lot of the same as many people listed here. UX Booth, A List Apart, NN Group, UX Magazine, and (of course) UX Mastery are all at the top of my list. The only one I follow that’s not currently on the list (unless I’ve missed it) is the User Testing Blog.

I’ll be adding a lot of these to my Feedly today!


@HAWK I also just thought that it might be a good idea to compile a list of blogs and put it under Resources on the main UX Mastery site.


I follow the User Experience group on LinkedIn, where a lot of different and great articles are shared by the UX professionals that are members of the group.


@HAWK I really like http://www.uxmatters.com/ the quality of the articles is high and the relevancy is always spot on.


@HAWK, great topic; I enjoy a few:

  • GoodUI Insights by Jakub Linowski
  • Unbounce.com
  • NNG
  • And, a forum or five in LinkedIn


Yep, one of my favourites, too. I see they’ve just revamped their site with a great new responsive design. Been coming for a while!


Jennifer’s User Experience Rocks is awesome. UX Planet on Medium has good resources too.
I rely more on newsletters though,ux design weekly is the best IMHO.


thedigest! :smile:


hey guys,
don’t forget dopamino.com it’s awesome!
Just kidding, UX is my passion and I do like to write my experience as a designer on my blog.
Every feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


I frequently get a chuckle out of the posts at UX Reactions.


Apart from UX Mastery, I usually look forward to Sarah Doody’s UX Notebook, A List Apart, InVision, and the NN Group newsletters.


Hey, Hawk… I’m writing a blog from the student perspective if you’re interested…



Hey @inca431 – very interested. Good on you. Can you check that link though? It doesn’t seem to be doing anywhere useful. Thanks.


LOL… @HAWK yeah, that’s the link to edit my own stories… . sorry I think this will work…



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