Which style do you prefer? Your help is needed


Hello my friends,

I’m working on a project right now and I have to make a design decision to move forward with one of the proposed options. I was wondering if you guys can take this super quick test and let me have some great feedback :slight_smile:
Here is a link to the test: https://usabilityhub.com/do/e8a6f72d5fc9/99a2

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Cool, all done


Thanks @leighrubin, would you also tell me which one did you choose and why? :slight_smile:


I took the test. I chose the more familiar check box over the toggle.

But I wonder if preference is important here. Is it more valuable to see people actually using it and make your choice based on what people notice/use easier. Your test tells us where to look and make a choice between two options where the consequences don’t really matter to us.

My gut says that a quick mock up of a prototype and test with people around you would be a lot more useful to you here.


I preferred the one with the checkbox. In form, I like to preserve the tab index. But most of the switch control support tab index. but there is a chance of user get to pause and think. In the case of checkbox they know the control from long back and simple, productive and serves the purpose.


@damian, thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:
I’ve already done that test with some people around, but sometimes I prefer to do some follow up tests in different forms to validate my results in the first test. From the usability test like you said I get some great insights about why and how they are working with an option easier, and from this one I would get the impression and comparison results, and overall they will tell me how would that create an experience around adding that blue box for us in that tool.


Great, sounds like a good process :slight_smile:


Though I liked the slider option better for its increased visibility, I chose the more traditional checkbox for only one reason: it wasn’t pre-selected. These type of models should always be opt-in, rather than opt-out.


@dougcollins, that’s a very good point, I’m also surprised that I didn’t noticed that, our designer picked a wrong screen shot, that switch supposed to be turned off by default. That forces me to create another test then :smiley:


Glad I could be helpful, but I’m sorry that you have to do another test.


Check boxes are easier


I chose the toggle. It was more obvious at a glance that there was action required.