Which laptop buy for design?



Hi people, I need your opinion. I need to buy a new laptop in the few next months. I’m not a videogame player but I need it for design and 3D Design.

I know a tower is better but I’m not always working at home so that is the reason I want a laptop.

So, I’m not a big fan of Apple and the problem is, probably companies work with Sketch (a tool designed only in Mac). Even I think there is others computers with more feature for the same price.

Anyway it doesn’t matter this now, the only thing I want to know is which laptop would you buy for design and why. This kind of task is always difficult…

Any suggestion?

Thank you so much.


I have a Surface Book which I enjoy using. It is not as powerful as other laptops for the same money and it is pretty small but the touch screen is great and it runs everything I have ran on it so far including Adobe Suite. Most places I have worked at have additional screens you can plug into and the portability suits me. I also like how I can detach the screen and hand to people to show them stuff.

For home use I have a Surface Studio instead.


I dislike Apple too. But you really have no choice in this matter. You can’t afford to be unfamiliar with Sketch as a UX or UI designer.

For industrial design things are a bit different.


Yes, is what I think about… thank you for your feedback!


I’d have to disagree with @siddharthksuri - you can absolutely afford to be Sketch-free. Yes, it’s a common tool, but it’s not pervasive. There are plenty of shops that don’t use it. You need to know a tool like Sketch. You do not need to know Sketch itself.

I have a Mac for my job and a PC for home. I do UX design work on both, and if I’m behing honest I can be as efficient on either machine.

My advice to you would be to get the operating system you feel less comfortable in. There’s too much competition to rely on knowing only a single-manufacturer’s OS. Use this as an opportunity to learn some new skills (if you can).


Nice reflexion. Thank you for your opinion, I’ll keep in mind.

Anyone would like give any more ideas? Thanks!


Get a Macbook Pro. Check out Apple’s refurb site for good deals.


You have a Mac for your Job? Me too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you! do you know any trustworthy web apart from the Apple official web?

I was taking a look and I don’t see any different between prices of refurbished and “normal” Macs… :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps they have a vintage :rofl: