Which book recommend at the beginning?



the elements of UX
don’t make me think
the design of every day?


I suggest, in order

  1. Don’t make me think?
  2. The design of everyday things?
  3. The element of UX?


Hi @kyk05252133

Depending what you want to do next would depend on the order for me. :slight_smile: If you want some familiarity with UX principles then I would recommend:

  1. The design of everyday things
  2. The elements of UX
  3. Don’t make me think

Otherwise, the same as jaisonjustus mentioned.


All three of those books are pretty incredible and I love Don’t Make Me Think because it’s so digestible and the first time I read it, I did it in one sitting!

+1 to the Design of Everyday Things being up first but I also agree that you should work out an order that suits you- either way you should read all three! :slight_smile:

I’d also like to add another two amazing books into the mix:

Universal Principles of Design


Design: A very short introduction.

The latter is a small - like pocket sized- green book that I found incredibly useful when I was starting out. I read it during my first semester at university while studying industrial design. Before we read the book, the lecturer asked each one of us to come up with a definition of design, write it down and put it away in an envelope. After we read the book, we did the same thing again and then compared the two definitions. My ‘before’ definition was something hilarious like “Design is making stuff” and like many of my classmates, I found that my ‘after’ definition was significantly more refined. I can’t remember the exact wording but the book really helped grow my thinking.