Where to start?



I have had a great career in Print and Publishing, now it is time for me consider something different. As I am in my mid 60’s, and have just a very basic knowledge of html, what would be the best route for me to take, and which skills do I need to develop. There are so many html, css, objective c, etc., etc.
My aim would be to be able to work from a home office offering Web design/development.
Any advice on the ideal set of skills for this would be very useful.


Hi there,
I’m really glad you’ve found us, and I hate to sound like I’m fobbing you off, but if you’re looking to move more into web design and development, rather than UX, you might be better posting your question at SitePoint, which is more web centric. We’re all about the UX here. :slight_smile:

If UX (which can be a subset of web design but isn’t always related to digital products) is something that you’re interested in, give this article a read and come back armed with questions. :slight_smile:


Thank you for taking the time to read my questions - I will certainly look at the article, and maybe head over to SitePoint too. I will let you know how it all looks for me.