Where to find participants for user research for surveys/interviews (Knee pain)

Hi everyone,

I am currently studying UX/UI Design and this is my first client project involving physios and improving their on-boarding process for people with knee pain to join their new program.

I would like some advice on where to find participants as the target could either be anyone with chronic knee pain or people over 50 years. I initially thought was physio centres or facebook groups of health/fitness centres though unsure how forthcoming they maybe?

Thanks in advance I would greatly appreciate the advice.


Hi @JaneW,

One way that my UX/UI students have approached this is to put a screener together with questions to ‘weed out’ the right kind of people. They posted the screener to FB groups, on their Instagram stories, and shared amongst their professional networks on LinkedIn.

Make the barrier to entry really low; a quick screener to see if people a) fit the bill and b) would be willing to take part. You might have to compensate people for their time if you’re asking them to take part in an interview (Not always, but if you have budget from your client … )

Have you ever put a screener together before?

Hi Tom,

Thank you for the response. I have not put a screener before, though since putting up the topic, I had a chat with my mentor and he advised rather than being so specific in the target range to reconsider the objective from on-boarding and health concerns to “signing up for a service or product” which opens up a larger audience to survey and interview.

I will look into some screener questions as it may help start up the search/ conversation.

Thanks, Jane

Hi Jane,

I recently came across an article where the VP at Deutsche Bank talked about how he got participants for his prototype in a few minutes through UserTesting. Not at all affiliated with them, but it does seem like a quick and easy solution that works. :slight_smile:

Perhaps it can help you!

Thanks Thea, yes I was looking at UserTesting however you have to pay for that service, and unfortunately I’m a student and the client didn’t have a budget for this.