Where in the world are you?


Cool. Where do you live? :slight_smile:


Horsens. For now. Hoping to land a UX job soon, which most likely will be in Copenhagen or Århus.


That’s exciting! I am still one year away from finishing. Add me on LinkedIn if you want:



Hi All, I am from the lovely island of Sri Lanka (Just below India, for those unfamiliar). If anyone is coming this way, give me a shout.


I’m going to India for the first time next month. I’m super excited! Won’t have time to deviate to Sri Lanka though, I’m afraid – it’s a work trip.


Naples, Italy ! :pizza: :pizza:


I’m obsessed with pizza. I make pizzas from scratch. Please, in the “post your last picture” thread, post a picture of the best pizza in your area and tag me in it!

If you, you know, want to. :relieved:


ok:) This weekend maybe I’ll eat a pizza!
But in Aarhus live my uncle who has a restaurant, I think his pizza is similar to Neapolitan.


@andrea_amm89 I visited Rome, Florence, and Venice last year, and only had a time for a quick day trip to the Naples area. It seemed promising-- would you recommend visiting the next time I’m out that direction?


I’m Irish but living in Perth, Australia :grinning:


From Belgium, known for chocolate and beer (and in recent years, football :P)

Living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, known for, well, you know :wink: :smile:




Hello, I am from India, New Delhi.


Hi, I’m from England :slight_smile:


Hi! I don’t think I’ve chimed in here-- I’m in the NYC metro area (live on the NJ side, work in NYC)


I don’t think you have either. Great to hear from you Hope.

NY is in my top 5 must visit places. Hope to get there one day soon.


Hi! Currently I’m in Stuttgart, Germany


Hi All! I’m in Toronto, ON! New here, and new to UX! :slight_smile:


Very cool. Welcome Sarah - great to have you here. Are you currently studying? Or have you literally just found out about UX and are planning your next steps?


Hi, I am in Mumbai, India. Nice to be part of this group :slight_smile: