Where in the world are you?




The course was great. A very intense 10 weeks with long hours, but the content was perfect. Fast paced learning but with time to actually apply the skills and work on projects. There wasn’t anything that was particularly bad - except maybe the lack of sleep for a few weeks, but I’m used to that from my years in event management. We had a great teacher and TA, but I really recommend the GA courses.


Melbourne based but in Sydney for two weeks as the senior UX up here resigned


Hey Robbie, welcome. Yay Melbourne!


Moved to London, UK half a year ago. So that’s where I am based and I’m really looking to meet some other design professionals in the City.


I don’t like beaches (please don’t kill me!). But, the one I like the most is Barra da Tijuca beach. You should try when ever you come back :slight_smile:


Heh. No killing will occur!


I’m in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.


I’m right across the U.S. border in Bellingham, WA.



Im from Poland <3


Vancouver, BC, Canada


Hi everyone! Can’t believe I haven’t found this great community earlier. :blush:

I’m originally from Vienna and now living in Hong Kong.


Where have you been all our lives? :wink:



Brand new to UX (starting a degree program in September!) and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


I’m from Abilene, originally! (Now in College Station)


Denmark. We’re best known for wind energy, lego and H. C. Andersen.


I’m in Austin, TX.


Aarhus, Denmark. :slight_smile:


What’s up, fellow Dane! :grinning: I’m only 40 minutes away.