Where in the world are you?


Yay! Welcome Iacob, glad you’re here. Romania looks beautiful, I hope to visit one day.

Are you currently working in UX or planning a career?


Thank you Hawk for the warm welcome. Romania is great, I hope you find time and visit because it’s worth every penny. I’m currently working as a UX/UI designer for one of the most important EU banks.


Hi Everyone. I’m currently in the Hudson Valley area of New York, specifically a little town across the river from Poughkeepsie called New Paltz.


Welcome Crystal. :slight_smile:
The name Poughkeepsie always makes me smile for some reason.


Hey there. :slight_smile: I’m currently based in Cebu, Philippines.


Welcome @Kai - where are you from originally?


Still from here, Hawk! As always, thanks for making everyone feel welcomed. :slight_smile:


The Rocky Mountain Region feels underrepresented here. I’m proudly from Denver, Colorado, though I’m glad to see @raquel_burroughs has my second hometown of Austin well-represented.


From Brazil, but living in Waterford, Ireland =)


That’s quite a change! What made you choose Ireland?


Edinburgh, Scotland and Gdynia, Poland


Wasn’t really a “choice”, a got full scholarship to do a masters here and then didn’t think twice =)


Hi Everyone. I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Waterford is a beautiful place! :grin:


It is really nice! have you been here?


Yes, we have family in Ireland so have travelled around there quite a lot. I fell in love with Waterford Crystal when we visited the factory there :slight_smile:

Most of our time has been spent in Cavan and Westport though


Me too!


Hi, I’m new (just joined today). I am based in London, UK and just finished the 10 week UXDI course with General Assembly.


How did you find the course? What were your best and worst bits?


Paris, France.