Where in the world are you?


Hey guys! I just joined up to I’m a UX Designer out of Los Angeles (specifically Long Beach, CA)


Hi all, I’m from London, though I’ve been working in design a while I’m quite new to UX. Cheers :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from leafy London, United Kingdom, but born in Wales. Looking forward to meeting everyone here.


Denmark, born in Romania.


Austin, TX; USA :ox:


I was in Austin, TX a few weeks ago (for the first time). I loved it! Rainey St is especially gorgeous.


I live 10 minutes from there. :blush:


Hello Everyone, I’m Jaison Designer from India. Nice to meet you all.


Hi! I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :slight_smile:


I love Rio. I was spoiled enough to stay at the Copacabana Palace a few years ago and hangliding off Ipanema Beach will go down as one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


Montréal, Québec, Canada


Bristol, UK. The second biggest UX city in the UK


Hi Everyone. I’m from Philippines. :slight_smile: I’m happy to join the UXMastery community. I’m new in UX design. Nice to meet you all.


@julie_francis Cool, I’m in Salinas, California now so I’m also in the greater Monterey Bay area


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA!


Hello everybody,
basically I’m working in San Francisco but I was born in Italy.
I love traveling and I lived and worked in 5 different Countries until now.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


I’m originally from the UK, presently living in Yorktown, VA, working in Washington, DC, and looking to move to Switzerland.


Hi @AnjaM @displacednaija

Where abouts in the UK are you from? I’m currently working in Coventry and looking for UX meetups in the midlands if anyone knows of any?

Thanks in advance!


Bucharest Romania. I’ve just joined this community and it’s great!