Where in the world are you?


hi everyone! I’m so happy to meet everyone here too. I live in Germany and work in London, it’s a good mix =)


Hi hello, hola! I am in Cayman Islands, (from Dominican Republic) hi from a beautiful and sunny Caribbean !


Hello everyone! I’m new to the UXmastery community and am working in the Washington, D.C. Area.


Yes, I’m a long time Graphics Designer who turned to UX a while back. Been leading a UX team for about two and a half years now.


Hi all~ I was originally from Hong Kong, lived in Honolulu, Hawaii for 10+ years, now residing in Chicago, Illinois USA :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m in Columbus, Ohio and I’m new here and to UX/UI, so I’d love to make some connections.


Hello @Ramona – I’m glad you found us. :slight_smile: How did you find your way to UX?


I’m currently living in Abilene, Texas (blah…) at the moment, but looking to move to San Antonio, Texas in a year and a half.


Hi @HAWK. I guess I’ve always been interested in User Experience. Ever since I found JakobNielsen way back in the 90s;) I’m interested in partnering with an experienced UX/UI designer in 2016 to help me offer a complete marketing solution with Infusionsoft software.


Hi all! I’m originally from Slovenia, currently living in the UK.


Hello everyone! I’m from Biella, Italy :slight_smile:


Hi. I’m from the UK.


Hi there! Australian currently living in Zurich, Switzerland.

If you happen to live in Zurich too (or even another Swiss city, we’re not that fussed :p), there is a new LinkedIn group for us! Check it out at https://www.linkedin.com/groups/7035848

Anyone also in/from Switzerland here?


Hi kacheekmonster! I’ve [I]been[/I] to Switzerland, but that doesn’t really count…

I’m currently in Melbourne, Australia.


What a coincidence…I was living in Melbourne before moving to Switzerland :smiley:


Good ol’ Melbourne =)


Hi All, I’m excited to join this community! I’m currently in Boston, MA, USA.


Hi all, it’s great to see a diverse geographical community on the forum. I’m in Sydney Australia :slight_smile:


Calgary, Canada!


I’m in the greater Boston area, MA, USA. Not a UXer yet. :wink: