Where in the world are you?


Welcome Tammy and everyone! Great to see folks from so many different locations. Would love to hear some of your UX stories!

(btw, I’m in Melbourne, Australia too!)


Hi everyone! I am a constant re-locater but right now i’m in Charleston, WV!


Hi all,
Currently in Adelaide, Australia, but off to live and work in New York in the coming month. :slight_smile:


From Auckland - NZ, eventually from South-Africa


Thank you Natalie, it is a great country, and we love it here



I’m in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


Hi everybody,
Nice to meet you all here.
I am Oscar, from Nancy, France.
Looking forward to making exchanges with you. :slight_smile:

See you around,


Nice to meet you :slight_smile: @[B][SIZE=14px][B]HAWK[/B][/SIZE][/B]


Hey guys, I’m from Sydney, Australia. :slight_smile: (Ashlea did us proud in the most recent debate!)


Hi everyone!
I’m new to the UXmastery community from sunny Orlando, Florida


Hi everyone. This is my first message on the community, and I’m from Montreal, Canada.


I’m in Santa Cruz, CA – on the coast south of San Francisco, on Monterrey Bay. I see people here from all over the world – awesome. Hello to everyone! glad to be a part of this forum.


In Eugene, Oregon. Moving to Phoenix in 3 weeks. :slight_smile:


Hello! Im form Rio de Janeiro, Nova Friburgo. Im looking for people in USA to have conversations about living there and work with UX and IA, soon i`m going to live in Miami.


My mom lives there about 13 years with my 3 years old sister. Now i can go with all legality issues done ok. I saw a lot opportunities in some " search websites around there.


I’m from Tempe, Arizona


Atlanta, GA


Berkeley, California, USA


Lukcha–Thanks, glad to be here!


hi,everyone! i am so happy to join the community. I currently live in berlin, Germany.