Where do you get design inspirations from?



One of the common questions I get when being interviewed is

Where do you get design inspirations from?

I always find it difficult to answer because I’m not a fine artist who gets inspiration from visiting the MET. I get inspired by researching ways to make a product better for my users.

Is there a right way to answer this question? Am I not understanding it correctly?


Going to answer my own question now that I think about…

They might be talking about blogs, books, conferences, and industry leaders that we follow? Especially UX Mastery? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


I think telling them exactly what you told us is the way to go. Give an example or two to show what you mean.


My usual response to this question is that my inspiration comes from the world around me. In his book “The Design of Everyday Things,” Don Norman - perhaps THE founder of the usability movement - talks about his experience with doors, and how damn confusing they can be. Is this door a push or a pull? Does it slide? How can I tell how I’m supposed to interact with this very simple piece of technology?

While Norman uses doors to make a point about affordance and signifiers, to me it’s a good illustration of the thought process I have when interacting on the world with a daily basis. I’m always looking at the design of everyday things, especially those that are designed very well or very poorly, and thinking critically about the process that was used to arrive at that decision.


Very well put!