Where do you find testers


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My experience as a “UXer” thus far has been doing things on tight budgets. User testing has been very ad-hoc. I’ve been that annoying guys at BBQs and parties who shoves prototypes under people’s noses and says “Hey, use this”. And I watch and learn.

But now I have the opportunity to implement more structured testing. Where do people go to recruit testing? Who do you use to outsource. By the way, I’m based in Sydney Australia (Hi!).

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Luke has some good ideas in this topic:


In addition to the resources I mentioned in that thread - if you’re looking for an Australian-based professional research participant recruiting outfit, you may consider Farron Research.

It’s been a few years since I used them myself, but at the time they were still very market research oriented (instead of design research savvy) so you need to use very watertight screeners to make sure you’re getting who you need, and also push back a little against your account manager’s suggestions to avoid compromising too much. Generally they were professional and easy to deal with and I’d use them again if I needed to. But since then most of my projects have been able to recruit directly from customer lists or get away with guerrilla research.


I read an article not long ago that pointed out how most researcher don’t need to dig as far as they. I wish I could remember where I read it, but statics showed that if they only interviewed or tested with 2-3 people, the results ended up being the same than if they tested with 10-20 people… anyone have more info on that?


I found this today as well: