Where are you from?


I’m curious to know where you all are based.

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand. Any other kiwi’s out there?


I am from Yerevan, Armenia. I guess I will be only one Armenian here for a long time. There is very few people to deal with UX in my country. I will be very happy to network with other Armenian UXers event from outside Armenia. Heey where are you? :slight_smile:


I know the internet bringing people together from all over the world is hardly a new concept. But it’s still exciting that we have such a diverse geographic group here. :slight_smile:

(Btw Luke and I are based in Melbourne, Australia)


I am from Michigan in the United States. I actually work for the State of MI. Trying to spread the good UX word and get more projects on board.


I was born, raised and so on…in Romania! :slight_smile: Has anyone visited Romania?


Hello everyone.
I’ve read the forums and I must say this would be my future “online” home as I would try to spend quite some time around here. I really admire the idea of its founders.
My name’s Yanko but my name has a lot of aliases, so I guess the easiest way for you would be just… Yan.
I come from [B][SIZE=16px][I]Bulgaria[/I][/SIZE][/B],



Wow. NZ, Armenia, Australia, USA, Romania and Bulgaria. That is certainly not what I was expecting. I love that this community is already so diverse!


Hi guys Paddy living in Galway, Ireland (originally from Donegal in Ireland’s northwest).


Hi all, I’m Michael - born and raised in Melbourne, Australia.


Iowegian from the ice cold U.S. Right along the Mississippi.