When to start User Research for a Marketing Campaign?

Afternoon all,

We are gearing up for Easter and i am very keen on pulling data together about our customers. We know what they buy and how much they buy, but im very interested in asking about who they are when it comes to Easter, and their main drivers.

The pushback ive received is that its just too early, as people have just started the new year and just out of Christmas.

However as we are going to start marketing preparations for the campaign in the next few weeks, i wanted to ask when is the best time to start research in line with the campaign?

I guess this could be applied to any real marketing campaign, whether its Summer, Halloween or Christmas, just at what point are people in the right frame of mind for us to do surveys?

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The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.

It’s never too early to start research. More lead time is always a good thing. Just like market research, when UX research is rushed, you get less relevant and useful results.

Apart from positing “it’s too early,” did they give any reasons about why it’s too early?


Hi Doug!

Thanks for the reply, I do agree its never too early.

The pushback iv gotten (my first research piece for this company, this year!) Is based on users not being in the frame of mind for Easter, so to ask Easter related questions when we are just out of Christmas and New Years, gearing up for Valentines would be irrelevant with results possibly skewed.

As users mindset towards Easter now will be different to in March, where theyll be actively getting ready for it.

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…and when it’ll be too late to get the results of any research into this year’s push, no doubt?

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Exactly, i am going to have another word to see if things can be pushed!

But for my own learning and development, the earlier the research the better, regardless of events or when campaigns are going out?

Absolutely yes.

Will there be some bias and differing mindsets in different times of year? Sure. Will it be enough to change your data significantly? Likely not.

In the end, something is always better than nothing.

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