When is the right time we need to redesign our UX products?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for answers and insight on what are the parameters used to validate that we need to revamp a product (websites, mobile apps or related services)? What symptoms we need to look at before we decide to do a redesign and revamp? and within what timeframe we need to refresh the products? is it within a year? Because UX keeps evolving and new technologies keep emerging. How do we know we need redesign, do we need to redesign whenever new design trends show up? or other competitors have already redesign their products with something new?

I would appreciate if someone can share the experiences, case or insights



There is no right time. If your product doesn’t meet user’s goals. You need to find out what is the problem why it happens like this. It all depends upon problem, is problem in a one part of product or is the whole product not usable. One of the example, I can give you is I was working on a ed tech product, users were school students. When I was hired, there product wasn’t that good and it was too small. The problem was when we had an idea to add new features. The current UX was bad, so I had to revamp to add new features. That’s how I did redesign. ?

Different problems might have different solutions. Be very careful if you are going to revamp.

Another Example I can give you is of Website. The whole website’s UI is ugly. UX was okayish but we started from one page, moved to other and other, that’s how we re design the whole website since we had too much traffic and we didn’t want to take risk by revamping instantly the whole website. Of course, A/B was included as well.