What's your tech stack?


I’m curious to know what everyone’s tech stack is?

What do you use on a daily/weekly basis (tech/tool wise) to get your job done!?


Tools differ from person to person, my favorites could be completely from other designers. Even in the same team, designers are using different tools to achieve the result.

UX design process is divided into many stages; research, brainstorming, wireframing, prototyping, user testing, production, and much more. Each stage requires its own set of tools for making sure the delivered output is excellent. Here are some of my favorite tools.

Killer Design Tools to Enhance the Scope of User Experience


Here’s mine - I’m a UX Writer/Researcher working mostly with clients who are based overseas.

  • Computer /iPad with a keyboard when I travel- the computer is an old laptop with a busted keyboard but I’m getting a new one in the new year! :slight_smile:
  • Google suite
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Optimal Workshop suite
  • Post it notes
  • Tesla Amazing Magnetic notes
  • Sharpies
  • Coloured pencils - Faber Castell classic colour for day to day little things like random sketches when I’m brainstorming but I break out the polychromos set for the good stuff (ie colouring in hahahaha)
  • A plain paper notebook (no lines)


An average week will see me touch the following UX-related software pieces. Note: I do a crap ton of mockups, so most of my tech pieces are there to fulfill specific needs depending on the project and stage:

###Low Fi Mockups

  • Sketch pad and pens/pencils for initial hand-drawn mocks
  • Balsamiq
  • My gigantic UX Whiteboard O’ Fun for collaborative mocks

###Hi-Fi Mockups

  • JustInMind (for interactive pieces)
  • Photoshop (for non-interactive pieces)
  • Sketch (if JustInMind is being an ass)


  • Slack for team messaging and communication
  • Outlook

###Organization and Notes

  • Google Docs to organize, manage, and access my files from different devices
  • Rocketbook to take and save notes
  • Moleskin professional project notebook to organize projects and tasks


  • WebEx to present, run, and record remote testing sessions

  • Paper and pens
  • Balsamiq
  • My kids’ magnetic wall covered in magnetic whiteboard paper
  • Photoshop / Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Slack
  • Discourse (we use it internally as well as externally) for collaboration
  • Mail
  • Google Docs
  • Cross-browser testing services
  • SurveyMonkey for research

  • Pen and notebook for sketching
  • Post-it notes for experience mapping and content auditing
  • Whiteboard if I need more space for user flows and wireframes, and to practice for whiteboard interviews
  • Typeform for surveys
  • Illustrator for Personas and editing visual assets
  • Photoshop for editing photo assets
  • Google sheets for user stories
  • Draw.io for user flows
  • Sketch App + InVision for wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes
  • Adobe XD which I’ve experimented with as an alternative for wireframes, mockups, and interactive prototypes
  • Slack to chat with awesome people in the design community
  • UsabilityHub for click-tests and heatmap results
  • UserTesting.com for non-facilitated usability testing
  • Lookback.io for facilitated remote usability testing