What's your favourite/current - songs/artist?



I was collecting and listening music for a long time and spend quite a lot of money on iTunes and some as vinyl. Music is always fascinating to me when I go deeper digging for variety. I try to listen to all type of music from any country. I don’t give much importance to lyrics. Instead, pay more attention to the music and the rhythm.

So I wonder in UX Mastery there are a lot of members from different countries and I like everyone share their favourite songs or album, even if it’s you regional music its fine.

I love and listen to a lot of genres especially world music. I will give a quick suggestion: for Jazz Fusion listen to Prasanna, Shakti, Billy Cobham, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Osibisa - Afro, Funk, for African Blues - Ali Farka Toure, Amadou & Mariam, Djem Leelii, World: Yanti Bersaudara from Indonesia, Maata from Russia, Sigur ros from Iceland, Te Vaka from Oceania islands, Xavier Rud from Australia, and more. If you like to see my current collection on iTune, I can share the screenshots.

Waiting to see your excellent suggestions.

Also I am adding one more question here to save the number of threads. Are any philatelists here?



Love this topic!

My boyfriend and I have been teaching ourselves to mix over the last few months and we’ve discovered so much awesome new music.

I’m a big DnB/deep house fan. That said, here is my easy listening playlist of favourites:

I had to Google that. When I was a little kid I collected stamps. Loved it! I haven’t done it for the last 30 years though.


here’s mines –

mac version

else version


I don’t often listen to actual music. I have very sensitive ears so concentrated noise bothers me after a short while. It drives my kids crazy because they can’t listen to music when we’re driving. I also have a poor capacity to keep track of group & song names. My point is that I listen something different. This is currently my favorite website:

My current favorite track is Aotearoa but I also like the Duduk Song .



For those that don’t know, Aotearoa is the Maori name for my country – NZ. It translates directly into Land of the Long White Cloud.


Mynoise is cool :thumbsup:


Maori reminds me of the search for Bobby Holcomb cd/cassette still didn’t get one.


Learning Djing??


Chainsmokers and Lorde :+1:


I listen to many genres including pop, alternative rock, RnB. All time favourite album is Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park.

There are some really good Sri Lankan artists as well, but i doubt any of you would have heard of them :slight_smile:




I don’t know many artists from Srilanka. The bands I remember are La Bamba (listened the vinyl, but I don’t have) and heavy metal band Stigmata. And I remember listening to Ceylon-Anglo folk jazz but no idea about the track.

Who’s are your fav artists from artist?
Suggestions are welcome!


To show my age, I have jumped back to stuff from the Brit Pop era of late. Loving Blur the most - Common People is my happy song because it amuses me so much.


I’m a big fan of indie and punk.

Not sure how much interest people have in that corner, here, so I’ll just say that my big go-to is The Weakerthans, for really insightful, emotionally packed songs. Their Reconstruction Site album is one of my absolute favorites to just turn up and sing along to.

Edit: My bizarre adventure, lately, has been discovering Norwegian Hardcore, like Blood Command, and it’s driven me over into rediscovering some material I used to love in Spanish Punk (there used to be a local radio show I couldn’t understand a word of, but it sounded great).


Cool. Stigmata is one of those legendary local bands. Chity somapala, BnS, Kasun Kalhara are some of my other favs.

Also there is a local genre called Baila which very popular in parties and weddings


Thank you for the suggestion. Marked to my playlist!


I’ve also been on a big sludge/doom metal kick. I’m thinking about building a mix playlist for it:

  • Mastodon
  • ASG
  • Baroness
  • The Sword
  • Kylesa
  • Torche (really fun considering they have a lot of material in major keys)
  • Red Fang
  • Helms Alee


i’m really digging Tash Sultana at the moment! So f*ckin talanted!


I remember watching couple of her performance and it was great.