What's your biggest challenge right now?


I’m asking for 3 reasons – all of them selfish.

I want to moan about my own challenge – but I’ll do that later because I want to hear you guys first.

I have the opportunity to chat with three amazing experience designers on Friday and if I can help even one or two of you with a challenge by picking their brains that would be amazing.

Now that Piper has gone I need to reconnect a bit with what you’re all up to.

So what’s top of mind for you right now?

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hi @HAWK
at the moment, I do have plenty of challenges on my table.
I guess is normal when we change company and role.
The ones I struggle the most with are:

  1. Enhancing the chemistry within the team I lead
  2. Evangelising the design OPs culture
  3. Selling an internal project, to my C-level stakeholders, focused on the unification/merging of the design systems we have across the company

What are u up to?



Biggest challenge is to get external opinions to projects i am working on without violating any contracts (e.g. NDA).

I could write so much about my current (imho very interesting) challenges, but i am not allowed to and it will take too much time to communicate it in a way everything keeps understandable and unidentifiable.



This would be an excellent question for Friday’s panel. I’ll put it to them.

I hear ya. This article (while it relates more to portfolios than gathering feedback) is an excellent one when it comes to NDAs https://uxdesign.cc/is-nda-in-the-way-of-your-design-career-5-ways-to-navigate-around-it-215176bea567

My biggest challenge is finding the right people to grow my team. We are a fully remote organisation working from our homes around the world, which can be challenging but is ultimately a positive. It makes recruiting hard though. Finding people with the right skills, people that are knowledgeable about our product (which is important to us) and people that are a good fit for the way we work is really tricky. I’ve had a couple of hires that haven’t worked out so well and it’s given me cold feet.

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Scaling up a ux/design team of 1 at a startup. Any tips from the pros greatly appreciated!



I feel you, having such KPIs in your evaluation grid makes everything very challenging. In the past when we were in the same situation, with different KPIs though, we also evaluated the candidates according to their capacity to face the complexity of our day-to-day tasks. We found out that assigning to them an exercise could give us a better overview of their way to approach the problems from a “design thinking” angle.

Good luck!

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This is a great article for freelancers or agency projects, when you have to do with real NDAs. My situation is a bit different as i am only doing projects internal for the company i am employed.
My working-contract contains a passage which states “everything you do is confidential until said otherwise … and btw, everything you do belongs to us” (summarized, not literally ;))

Wow … this is really a tough challenge. :open_mouth:

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Integrating this site content which is a completely static site, into this site structure which is in drupal (which I’ve never used).

To be a bit more concrete, I think the biggest part of the challenge is how all of these sites link to one another in this crazy hodgepodge of irregularity.

Of course I’m really a programmer and haven’t done pure design in about 20 years since folk started coming out of colleges having specialized in ui and ux design.

So I guess by way of introduction you now know why I decided to sign up to a ux forum today :smiley:

Oh and why I just purchased that book on information architecture.

By the way I love that you are using discourse. I’m surprised how many ui/ux forums use poor forum interfaces.

Looking forward to the challenges and communication.



Nice one…

For biggest challenge right now is staying remote working, trying to stay embedded with team who are in a different time zone.




Yeah, I’ve started doing this – paid auditions. It is definitely helpful but it still doesn’t really demonstrate how people are ‘in the wild’. We now try to recruit from within our community, which is definitely helping a bit.

Welcome! Glad you did. If you’re after other resources, say the word. We have a tonne of them (mostly free).

Thanks. :slight_smile: Guess what I do for my day job.

I know how tough this can be and I have some ideas. Are you all in different timezones or are they all in one and you’re disparate?



Oh my, that’s hilarious. It’s always been good, but It really has matured over the past few years as well.

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Team are largely in Ireland, with some support in USA and India. I’m in Sydney (+10hrs from Dublin).




Biggest challenge? Being a dad in 5 weeks time.



Yeah, that’s tough. It’s significantly easier if everyone is remote.



Congratulations! Amazing. :slight_smile:



working on projects where they don’t know what UX is and the dev guys ignore your tight layouts and you get all the blame

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Unfortunately, my biggest challenge is still finding a full-time job. I did have a full-time 6 month consulting position until recently, which was nice, if extremely low wage.

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@stevejoseph is hiring – why don’t you connect with him and see what roles are going?

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Thanks, @HAWK! @wispfox if you’re in the NYC area we’re hiring for two full-time roles. A junior UX/UI role, with more emphasis on the UX part of those acronyms. We also need a mid-level to senior UX designer. I have JD’s and will post them here later after I take a deeper look as I just got them yesterday and I’ve been given permission to give them a sanity/realism check.

What I can say at a high level is our products are largely enterprise systems and experiences. We’re looking for work that speaks to this and/or just a comprehensive understanding of system design. User flows, journey maps, process flows, sitemaps etc. will be key.



I just started a new Lead Experience role and was already aware of a few of the challenges but here are some details that not surprisingly I’m not the only one dealing with.

  1. Some of our clients/timelines aren’t in the best shape to understand the iterative process and some aspects of UX but I’m hopeful given feedback I’ve gotten from some of the team thus far and continue to collect.

  2. Dealing with a rather tight timeline to get some more UX Designers to join a small team of 4. We do have some external staffing agencies but we’re trying to find the right balance of internal recommendations (HR + staff pics).

  3. Typical client challenges. I can only hope for the time being that this can be helped with process education and better value proposition position statements when talking to them.

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