What's your approach for solving a UX problem?

When you are asked to solve a UX problem in a particular page of a website, how do you approach for a solution once you understand the pain points.

It all depends on the problem. By increasing your knowledge in a variety of UX techniques, you’ll be well equipped to devise a strategy to solve the issue.

When you say pain points, are they coming from users’ perspectives? The client?

Lets say your users are struggling with the navigation and purchasing a product…

  • Draw out the current IA.

  • Sketch out a task flow (for the specific issue)

  • Print screen by screen

This is where your knowledge in UX kicks in, which will allow you to uncover the issues from these visuals

  • Fix the task flow and restructure the IA

  • Use existing components or design new components to solve the problem per page.

  • Protoptye > test > iterate and repeat until issue is resolved.