What's the best way to design an effective survey?



Surveys are an essential tool in the UX research toolkit. When done well, they deliver incredible insights into how people use your product. They are particularly helpful if you’re looking for feedback from many users, or people across locations. With an array of easy to use digital tools like SurveyMonkey at our fingertips, executing a survey is relatively simple.

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We are going to be using survey monkey to ask a qualification survey for usability testing, i’d like to be able to stop the test if users answer a question in a way that will exclude them from testing but can’t seem to find this functionality in survey monkey, am I missing something or is it not possible?

Thanks in advance


Hi Jacqui,

you can definitely do this, I worked on a project recently where we used SM as the screener and the passed users onto OptimalSort for a card sort.

Go to the ‘Design Survey’ tab and to the question that you want to use to disqualify users. Select the ‘Logic’ tab and for the responses that you don’t want select ‘Disqualification Page’ from the ‘Choose Page’ dropdown.




Thanks, is this part of an upgraded subscription? I’m not sure we have access to this functionality. I’m worried we will be wasting both ours and the users time if they aren’t suitable by making them fill in the whole form either way.


Hi Jacqui,

no this is part of the free (basic) account functions




Thanks for your help, we have just found it! :grin: