What would be ideal recovery plan for forgot secret Q&A?


I am wondering, what can be an ideal recovery plan if user forgot his/her secret answer?

Can you give us some more context about what you’re designing? Is this a website or an app or something else? What recovery options are available? What is the product? Who is the audience?

If you can share details of what you’ve been working on, or exactly what you have particular concerns about, that’ll give us something to respond to with some supportive comments. Otherwise it’s hard to help—remembering that there is very rarely one ideal UX solution that covers all situations.

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Considering a healthcare service that can be accessed from a number of touch points, such as a native app, desktop, phone browser targeting a wide range of users over 18 years of age. What could be the perfect interaction model for someone who has forgotten his / her secret Q&A that is used to access a password or account? Users are registered by email only.